M-Lab @ Google Summer of Code 2014!

We are proud to announce that the M-Lab has been accepted as a mentoring organization to the Google Summer of Code a third year in a row.

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Assessing Typhoon Haiyan's impact on core Internet infrastructure: measurement tells a story

Typhoon Haiyan was a tragedy, and its human and ecological impact rightly deserve the bulk of our attention and concern.

Keeping this in mind, we are gratified to see the Internet Researchers at RIPE NCC using open Internet measurement data to analyze the health of Philippines’ core Internet infrastructure in the wake of Haiyan. Unlike much of the news related to the typhoon’s aftermath, the RIPE NCC’s conclusions on the impact of Haiyan on the Philippines’ core Internet infrastructure are tentatively hopeful: the damage appears to be moderate, and highly localized.

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Explore M-Lab's data using the new RIPEstat widgets

Are you the kind of person who wonders…

  • What’s the bandwidth distribution among Internet users within a specific country or network?
  • How are active users of a specific network geographically spread?
  • How are active users spread within a specific IP address block?

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Welcome to The Same Old M-Lab

Posted by Measurement Lab on 2013-08-05

If it looks like you knocked on the wrong door, that’s us, not you.

Welcome to the new M-Lab website!

After years of directing our energy and resources toward expanding our measurement platform and furthering the state of open network research, we finally got around to redecorating. We hope that the new site is easier and more pleasant to navigate, and provides a clearer introduction to M-Lab and open measurement. (And don’t worry – those of you who are more concerned with technical details and less concerned with design can skip to the M-Lab Research Wiki, linked from the top of every page.)

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