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New ETL Pipeline, Transition to New BigQuery Tables

Posted by Chris Ritzo on 2018-02-09 filed under pipeline, bigquery, versioning Since May 2017, the M-Lab team has been working on an updated, open source pipeline, which pulls raw data from our servers, saves it to Google Cloud Storage, and then parses it into our BigQuery tables. The team is particularly excited about this update because it means that the pipeline no longer relies on closed source libraries.

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Paris Traceroute has a bug, and it causes some bad data

Posted by Chris Ritzo on 2018-01-24 filed under paris traceroute, bug In December 2017, M-Lab was notified of oddities in the Paris Traceroute data. Upon investigation, a bug in the Paris Traceroute code was identified. The bug caused bad measurement data in 2.7% of the traceroutes since July 2016.

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