NDT JavaScript Integrations - Update to Include Recent Client Bug Fix

A bug fix was recently deployed to M-Lab’s NDT JavaScript client code resolving user support reports of consistently higher than expected upload measurements reported in the browser for tests run via speed.measurementlab.net. M-Lab recommends that any third parties who integrate the NDT test in JavaScript to check and/or update their client code if their integration is based on M-Lab’s JavaScript test in the speed.measurementlab.net codebase.

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Modernizing the M-Lab Platform

When the M-Lab platform was initially launched in 2009, the software and operating system running on our servers used the best available boot management, virtualization, and kernel-level measurement instrumentation available. In the years since M-Lab’s initial launch, the state of system administration has improved dramatically. In 2017, the M-Lab team began work to upgrade the platform to adopt modern and flexible system administration components. This post provides a roadmap of that work.

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