NDT JavaScript Integrations - Update to Include Recent Client Bug Fix

A bug fix was recently deployed to M-Lab’s NDT JavaScript client code resolving user support reports of consistently higher than expected upload measurements reported in the browser for tests run via speed.measurementlab.net. M-Lab recommends that any third parties who integrate the NDT test in JavaScript to check and/or update their client code if their integration is based on M-Lab’s JavaScript test in the speed.measurementlab.net codebase.

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Recent updates regarding the SamKnows experiment

Measurement Lab (M-Lab) has been a supportive partner of the FCC’s Measuring Broadband America program since its beginning due to the program’s commitment to openness, open data and transparency which aligns closely with M-Lab’s mission around open data and open source internet measurement. Measurement Lab began hosting the SamKnows server-side measurement tools in 2009.

As of February 14, 2020, Measurement Lab is unable to host the SamKnows experiment due to SamKnows’ decision to not comply with M-Lab’s long-standing open source requirements. To ensure and encourage transparency for the MBA program, we are publishing this post to document the timeline leading up to that decision.

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How Measurement Lab’s Open Data can be used during COVID-19

Measurement Lab’s dataset is free, open, and full of data for Internet researchers to study how the Internet is performing under the increased COVID-19 related Internet usage. The DataStudio dashboards below correspond to the internal monitoring metrics we posted last week. They show data about test rate and median download speeds as COVID-19 increased its impact globally.

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Changes Related to COVID-19

As COVID-19’s impact increases globally, more people are working, learning and living online. Internet infrastructure is critical in these moments. The user-initiated measurements collected by M-Lab provide an opportunity to understand whether our shared infrastructure can handle the unprecedented shift of load to the network’s edges. The following is a snapshot analysis of how our platform’s traffic has shifted in the last three weeks. We will follow up with DataStudio dashboards using our public data set soon.

As these dashboards will show, the benefit of open data is that anyone can access it, use it, and reproduce research done with it. If you are using or would like to use M-Lab data in your response to the Internet’s performance during COVID-19, please let us know!

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