Tools to Use/Access M-Lab Data

This page describes software tools that can be used to run M-Lab tests and access M-Lab data.


Supported tools are those which have been developed and are maintained by the core M-Lab staff.

  • M-Lab Measure Chrome App - M-Lab Measure is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that lets users schedule NDT to run at regular intervals to track the performance of and Internet connection over time.
  • MeasurementKit MeasurementKit is a C++ library supported by M-Lab, supporting integrations outside of the browser. Supported tests include NDT, Neubot, and the OONI test suite.
  • Murakami - Murakami is a tool for creating an automatic M-Lab testing platform with as little effort as possible. Once running, Murakami runs an NDT test roughly every twelve hours and stores the results for your analysis.
  • Telescope - Telescope is a Python framework designed to extract raw measurements from M-Lab to allow the easy production of research.


Community tools are developed by other organizations or individuals, but which leverage the M-Lab platform and data. If you are interested in listing your community tool here, please contact us.

  • Piecewise - Piecewise is a tool for digesting and aggregating user-volunteered Internet performance test results data from Measurement Lab, and visualizing aggregate data on the web.
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