Run a private ndt-server (updated)

Back in 2019, I wrote about how to install the open source ndt-server that M-Lab uses, on a server of your own. Our goal is that others can use M-Lab’s tools to measure their own networks. This post is an update, with a couple more features.

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ARC of Research pt. 2: Exploring Data Sources Relevant to Our Questions

In this second “analysis recommendations in context” post, we will explore the refined research questions from the first post, resulting from our discussion of how to design specific questions with understanding of available data source(s) and the context of what each contains. We emphasized the importance of selecting a data source that matches the goal of the research question. This is critical for analyses of broadband measurement data, particularly when the research goal is to compare the results to one another, to national broadband standards or specific funding requirements, or to align with advertised terms of ISP service.

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