M-Lab Leadership Transition

A note from Lai Yi Ohlsen to the Measurement Lab community.

Today I am proud to share that I will be transitioning my role as Director of M-Lab to a new role as a Data Scientist. In this new role, I will be supporting the project by providing reports, visualizations and machine learning models that apply M-Lab data to real-world issues of digital inclusion, Internet freedom and network performance. I’m grateful for everything that I have learned from my colleagues and the M-Lab community over the past three years and see this next chapter as an opportunity to apply that knowledge in new and useful ways. I’m especially looking forward to collaborating with the next Director to continue fulfilling M-Lab’s mission and am happy to be part of M-Lab through its next phase of growth.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions about this transition and/or about the open Director position. You can find more about the role here.

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