Traceroute Format Change Request for Comments (RFC)

M-Lab’s traceroute-caller (TRC) tool was designed and developed in early 2019 as a sidecar service running on M-Lab servers. Its purpose is to collect traceroute data to any remote IP address after it closes its TCP connection to an M-Lab server. TRC uses the scamper tool for running traceroutes.

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New Traceroute Binary on M-Lab platform

M-Lab has always committed to provide traceroute data for the tests running on M-Lab platform. Since we launched new platform in 2019 Q4, the new traceroute binary, Scamper, replaced Paris Traceroute on all our servers. Our BigQuery table for traceroute now has unified schema to cover both the legacy Paris Traceroute test data and new Scamper data. This blog is to analyze the difference between the legacy data and new data.

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