Who We Are

M-Lab is an open source project with contributors from civil society organizations, educational institutions, and private sector companies, and is a fiscally sponsored project of Code for Science & Society.

M-Lab operates as a community-based effort. We currently receive assistance from M-Lab supporting partners, and we welcome others who would like to contribute to the platform’s growth and success. In order for M-Lab to achieve its objectives, it depends on the participation of additional companies, institutions, and researchers. Learn how to get involved.

M-Lab Core Contributors

  • Roberto D'Auria

    Roberto D'Auria

    Platform Engineer, Code for Science & Society

  • Phillipa Gill

    Phillipa Gill

    Research Scientist, Lead, Google

  • Saied Kazemi

    Saied Kazemi

    Software Engineer, Google

  • Nathan Kinkade

    Nathan Kinkade

    Platform Engineer, Code for Science & Society

  • Cristina Leon

    Cristina Leon

    Software Engineer, Google

  • Matt Mathis

    Matt Mathis

    Research Scientist, Google

  • Lai Yi Ohlsen

    Lai Yi Ohlsen

    Lead Data Scientist, Code for Science & Society

  • Stephen Soltesz

    Stephen Soltesz

    Software Engineer, Lead, Google

  • Katherine Townsend

    Katherine Townsend

    Director, Code for Science & Society

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