These example visualizations illustrate how others have attempted to use M-Lab data to make transparent networking practices such as blocking, throttling and deep packet inspection.

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Transparency visualizations showcase ways in which people have used M-Lab data to expose what’s going on behind the scenes. From ISP throttling to deep packet inspection, we invite those interested to shed light on the issues, and we highlight the results here.

Network Neutrality Map Using Glasnost Data

A research team in France analyzed M-Lab’s Glasnost data to create an intelligible global ranking of net neutrality.

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Deep Packet Inspection Using Glasnost Data

A cross-disciplinary team at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies and TU Delft dug into M-Lab’s Glasnost data to determine not only what percentage of ISPs were throttling traffic, but also how many were using deep packet inspection to facilitate this throttling.

ISP throttling chart

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