scamper1 Schema

Field name Type Description
id STRING UUID of the connection under consideration.
parser RECORD Metadata about how the parser processed this measurement row.
parser.Version STRING Version is the symbolic version (if any) of the running server code that produced this measurement.
parser.Time TIMESTAMP The time that the parser processed this row.
parser.ArchiveURL STRING The Google Cloud Storage URL to the archive containing the Filename for this row.
parser.Filename STRING The name of the file within the ArchiveURL originally created by the measurement service. Results in the raw record are derived from measurements in this file.
parser.Priority INTEGER  
parser.GitCommit STRING The git commit of this build of the parser.
date DATE Date is used by BigQuery to partition data to improve query performance.
raw RECORD Fields from the raw data.
raw.Metadata RECORD  
raw.Metadata.UUID STRING  
raw.Metadata.TracerouteCallerVersion STRING The version of traceroute-caller.
raw.Metadata.CachedResult BOOLEAN Traceroute data was found in the cache.
raw.Metadata.CachedUUID STRING UUID of the cached traceroute data.
raw.CycleStart RECORD  
raw.CycleStart.Type STRING The string “cycle-start”.
raw.CycleStart.list_name STRING The name of the IP list file (“/tmp/scamperctl:" for daemon mode, "default" for CLI).
raw.CycleStart.ID FLOAT Some ID assigned to identify the list by a person (deprecated).
raw.CycleStart.Hostname STRING The hostname of the machine running the traceroute.
raw.CycleStart.start_time FLOAT When traceroute started in Unix epoch.
raw.Tracelb RECORD  
raw.Tracelb.type STRING The string “tracelb”.
raw.Tracelb.version STRING The version of tracelb.
raw.Tracelb.userid FLOAT The user ID passed via -U flag of the tracelb command (not set by M-Lab).
raw.Tracelb.method STRING The trace method used by tracelb (“icmp-echo” for MDA traceroutes).
raw.Tracelb.src STRING Source address.
raw.Tracelb.dst STRING Destination address.
raw.Tracelb.start RECORD A timestamp when the traceroute started.
raw.Tracelb.start.Sec INTEGER Number of seconds since Unix epoch when the traceroute started.
raw.Tracelb.start.Usec INTEGER Microseconds elapsed within the second when this traceroute started.
raw.Tracelb.probe_size FLOAT Size of the probe to send.
raw.Tracelb.firsthop FLOAT Where to start probing.
raw.Tracelb.attempts FLOAT Number of attempts per probe.
raw.Tracelb.confidence FLOAT Confidence level to attain.
raw.Tracelb.tos FLOAT Type-of-service byte to use.
raw.Tracelb.gaplimit FLOAT Maximum consecutive unresponsive hops.
raw.Tracelb.wait_timeout FLOAT Seconds to wait before timeout.
raw.Tracelb.wait_probe FLOAT Minimum inter-probe time in 1/100th of seconds per TTL.
raw.Tracelb.probec FLOAT Count of probes sent, including retries.
raw.Tracelb.probec_max FLOAT Maximum number of probes to send.
raw.Tracelb.nodec FLOAT The number of nodes in the traceroute.
raw.Tracelb.linkc FLOAT The number of links in the traceroute.
raw.Tracelb.nodes RECORD  
raw.Tracelb.nodes.hop_id STRING  
raw.Tracelb.nodes.addr STRING The IP address of the node. STRING The hostname for the IP address.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.q_ttl INTEGER The TTL value of the quoted traceroute probe.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.linkc INTEGER The number of links for this node.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links RECORD  
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links RECORD  
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Addr STRING The address in a link (“*” for unresponsive hosts).
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes RECORD The probes that observed this link.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Tx RECORD The timestamp of a probe.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Tx.Sec INTEGER The seconds portion of the timestamp of the probe.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Tx.Usec INTEGER The microsecond portion of the timestamp of the probe.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replyc INTEGER The number of replies this probe received from this address.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.TTL INTEGER The TTL of the probe sent.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Attempt INTEGER The attempt number of this probe.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Flowid INTEGER The flow identifier of this probe.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies RECORD  
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies.Rx RECORD The timestamp of a response.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies.Rx.Sec INTEGER The seconds portion of the response timestamp.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies.Rx.Usec INTEGER The microsecond portion of the response timestamp.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies.TTL INTEGER The TTL of the received response packet.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies.RTT FLOAT The round trip time in milliseconds.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies.icmp_type INTEGER The type of ICMP response.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies.icmp_code INTEGER The code of the ICMP response.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies.icmp_q_tos INTEGER The “type of service” byte in the quoted IP packet probe.
raw.Tracelb.nodes.links.Links.Probes.Replies.icmp_q_ttl INTEGER The “time to live” byte in the quoted IP packet probe.
raw.CycleStop RECORD  
raw.CycleStop.Type STRING The string “cycle-stop”.
raw.CycleStop.list_name STRING The name of the IP list file (“/tmp/scamperctl:" for daemon mode, "default" for CLI).
raw.CycleStop.ID FLOAT Some ID assigned to identify the list by a person (deprecated).
raw.CycleStop.Hostname STRING The hostname of the system that this traceroute was collected on.
raw.CycleStop.stop_time FLOAT When traceroute finished in Unix epoch.
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