For every connection to an M-Lab server, the Traceroute core service collects network path information from our server back to the client IP that initiated the connection. M-Lab uses the Scamper traceroute tool provided by the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis, CAIDA. The Scamper Traceroute tool has been in use by M-Lab since the fourth quarter of 2019 (Q42019). Prior to Q42019, M-Lab used the Paris Traceroute tool for this core service.

Source code

Citing the M-Lab Traceroute Dataset

Please cite this data set as follows: The M-Lab Traceroute Data Set, <date range used>.

Traceroute Data in Raw Format

Data collected by Traceroute is available in raw format in Google Cloud Storage for each hosted measurement service:

Traceroute Data in BigQuery

M-Lab parses all Traceroute data into BigQuery tables and views, and makes query access available for free by subscription to a Google Group. Find out more about how to get access on our BigQuery QuickStart page.

BigQuery Tables/Views/Schema(s) for Traceroute Data:

Traceroute Schema

Note: The tracerout schema has not yet been migrated to standard columns. Until that time, this schema should be considered temporary or unstable.

Field name Type Description
uuid STRING  
Parseinfo RECORD  
Parseinfo.TaskFileName STRING  
Parseinfo.ParseTime TIMESTAMP  
Parseinfo.ParserVersion STRING  
Parseinfo.Filename STRING  
start_time INTEGER  
stop_time INTEGER  
scamper_version STRING  
Source RECORD  
Source.IP STRING  
Source.Port INTEGER  
Source.Geo RECORD  
Source.Geo.continent_code STRING  
Source.Geo.country_code STRING  
Source.Geo.country_code3 STRING  
Source.Geo.country_name STRING  
Source.Geo.region STRING  
Source.Geo.metro_code INTEGER STRING  
Source.Geo.area_code INTEGER  
Source.Geo.postal_code STRING  
Source.Geo.latitude FLOAT  
Source.Geo.longitude FLOAT  
Source.Geo.radius INTEGER  
Source.Network RECORD Network information about connection.
Source.Network.IPPrefix STRING  
Source.Network.Systems RECORD  
Source.Network.Systems.ASNs INTEGER  
Destination RECORD  
Destination.IP STRING  
Destination.Port INTEGER  
Destination.Geo RECORD  
Destination.Geo.continent_code STRING  
Destination.Geo.country_code STRING  
Destination.Geo.country_code3 STRING  
Destination.Geo.country_name STRING  
Destination.Geo.region STRING  
Destination.Geo.metro_code INTEGER STRING  
Destination.Geo.area_code INTEGER  
Destination.Geo.postal_code STRING  
Destination.Geo.latitude FLOAT  
Destination.Geo.longitude FLOAT  
Destination.Geo.radius INTEGER  
Destination.Network RECORD Network information about connection.
Destination.Network.IPPrefix STRING  
Destination.Network.Systems RECORD  
Destination.Network.Systems.ASNs INTEGER  
ProbeSize INTEGER  
Hop.Source RECORD  
Hop.Source.IP STRING  
Hop.Source.City STRING  
Hop.Source.CountryCode STRING  
Hop.Source.Hostname STRING  
Hop.Source.ASN INTEGER  
Hop.Linkc INTEGER  
Hop.Links RECORD  
Hop.Links.HopDstIP STRING  
Hop.Links.Probes RECORD  
Hop.Links.Probes.Flowid INTEGER  
Hop.Links.Probes.Rtt FLOAT  
exp_version STRING  
cached_result BOOLEAN  
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