For every connection to an M-Lab server, the Traceroute core service collects network path information from our server back to the client IP that initiated the connection. M-Lab uses the Scamper traceroute tool provided by the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis, CAIDA. The Scamper Traceroute tool has been in use by M-Lab since the fourth quarter of 2019 (Q42019). Prior to Q42019, M-Lab used the Paris Traceroute tool for this core service.

Source code

Citing the M-Lab Traceroute Dataset

Please cite this data set as follows: The M-Lab Traceroute Data Set, <date range used>.

Traceroute Data in Raw Format

Data collected by Traceroute is available in raw format in Google Cloud Storage for each hosted measurement service:

Traceroute Data in BigQuery

M-Lab parses all Traceroute data into BigQuery tables and views, and makes query access available for free by subscription to a Google Group. Find out more about how to get access on our BigQuery QuickStart page.

BigQuery Tables/Views/Schema(s) for Traceroute Data:

Traceroute Schema

The table below describes the fields in: measurement-lab.aggregate.traceroute.

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