ShaperProbe was decommissioned on 5/11/2015. However, data collected by ShaperProbe while hosted with M-Lab is available at the link below.

ShaperProbe attempted to measure traffic shaping, which is the practice of dropping an ISP customer’s throughput rate after they have exceeded a certain limit, whether or not that limit is known to the customer.

ShaperProbe was a research prototype developed by Georgia Tech graduate student Partha Kanuparthy as a proof-of-concept for his research in network measurement. After Partha graduated, it became practically difficult to maintain the tool and support its deployment on M-Lab. We encourage the open-source community to adopt ShaperProbe either as a stand-alone tool (as it operated on M-Lab) or as an algorithm implemented in other network inference applications/tools.

For any questions regarding the code/tool, please contact Partha Kanuparthy ( or Constantine Dovrolis (

Please cite this data set as follows: The M-Lab ShaperProbe Data Set, <date range used>.

Data collected by ShaperProbe is available in raw format at

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