Paris Traceroute

Paris Traceroute was used by M-Lab to collect network path information for every connection used by the measurement tests running on the M-Lab platform until the fourth quarter of 2019 (Q42019). At that time, M-Lab replaced Paris-traceroute with the Scamper traceroute tool provided by the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis, CAIDA. In addition to the route and network topology data provided by regular traceroute, Paris Traceroute detected load balancing, noting when a transmission was split between two paths.

More information about Paris Traceroute is available at:

Source code

Citing the M-Lab Paris Traceroute Dataset

Please cite this data set as follows: The M-Lab Paris Traceroute Data Set, <date range used>.

Paris Traceroute Data in Raw Format

Data collected by Paris Traceroute remains available in raw format in Google Cloud Storage:

Paris Traceroute Data in BigQuery

M-Lab parsed all Paris Traceroute data into BigQuery tables and views, and makes query access available for free by subscription to a Google Group. Find out more about how to get access on our BigQuery QuickStart page.

BigQuery Tables/Views/Schema(s) for Paris Traceroute Data:

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