NDT (Network Diagnostic Tool)

NDT is a single stream performance measurement of a connection’s capacity for “bulk transport” (as defined in IETF’s RFC 3148. NDT measures “single stream performance” or “bulk transport capacity”. NDT reports upload and download speeds and latency metrics, and attempts to determine what problems limit speeds.

Run an NDT Test

If you are interested in running an NDT test, please visit our standalone speed test site: https://speed.measurementlab.net


From 2009-2019, M-Lab has run the default NDT server originally developed by Internet2. This version uses the web100 linux kernel extension for gathering data points about the TCP connection.

By the end of 2019, M-Lab will launch a completely re-written ndt-server, providing the ndt5 and ndt7 protocols. M-Lab also will transition hosted experiments to use the netlink socket and TCP_INFO kernel instrumentation in 2019, replacing our reliance on Web100. The web100 version of server will be decommissioned on M-Lab once ndt-server has been tested and launched. M-Lab will retain data collected while it was in production is available in the web100 tables referenced below.

NDT Testing Protocols

As a part of our transition from the web100 version of NDT server to the new platform, M-Lab has named specific protocol versions for the current server and the new one we are testing.

  • web100 is the protocol refering to data collected by the current NDT server
  • ndt5 is a new NDT protocol designed to be backward compatible with current clients
  • ndt7 is a new NDT protocol that uses TCP BBR where available in the network, and operates on TLS port 443 or via port 80

Source code

Citing the M-Lab NDT Dataset

Please cite the NDT data set as follows: The M-Lab NDT Data Set, <date range used> https://measurementlab.net/tests/ndt

or, in BibTeX format:

        author="{Measurement Lab}",
        title="The {M}-{L}ab {NDT} Data Set",
        year="(2009-02-11 -- 2015-12-21)",

        comment="Depending on if you used viz.measurementlab.net, bigquery, or the raw data, please use one of the following notes:",
        note="Bigquery table {\tt measurement-lab.ndt.download}",
        note1="Google cloud storage {\tt gs://archive-measurement-lab/ndt}",
        note2="Data visualization system \url{https://viz.measurementlab.net}",

Policies & Support Information

NDT is maintained by Measurement Lab, and is governed by the M-Lab Privacy Policy.

Get support for NDT emailing support@measurementlab.net.

Data Collected by NDT

When you run NDT, the IP address provided by your Internet Service Provider will be collected along with your measurement results. M-Lab conducts the test and publishes all test results to promote Internet research. NDT does not collect any information about you as an Internet user.

Please review M-Lab’s Privacy Policy to understand what data is collected and how data is used before initiating a test.

NDT Data in Raw Format

Data collected by NDT is available in raw format in Google Cloud Storage: https://console.cloud.google.com/storage/browser/archive-measurement-lab/ndt.

Advanced users may also be interested in obtaining raw M-Lab test data for detailed analyses. For example, TCP packet captures are conducted for each NDT test, and are only available in M-Lab’s raw data archives. Details on how M-Lab publishes test data in raw form is provided on our Google Cloud Storage documentation page.

NDT Data in BigQuery

To make NDT data more readily available for research and analysis, M-Lab parses all NDT data into BigQuery tables and views, and makes query access available for free by subscription to a Google Group. Find out more about how to get access on our BigQuery QuickStart page.

M-Lab BigQuery tables/views for NDT data are in transition as of Sept. 2019, as the team completes our Global Pilot of the M-Lab 2.0 platform. Below we provide two lists of BigQuery tables/views: our current tables and views, and those which M-Lab will transition to by the end of the global pilot.

Current BigQuery Tables/Views

  • Helpful tables/views - a set of tables/views that are pre-filtered for commonly used queries, and are derived from the “faithful” tables/views
    • measurement-lab.ndt.downloads
      • A subset view of all NDT download tests from measurement-lab.ndt.recommended where:
        • At least 8 KB of data was transferred
        • Test duration was between 9 and 60 seconds
        • Congestion was detected
    • measurement-lab.ndt.uploads
      • A subset view of all NDT upload tests from measurement-lab.ndt.recommended where a sensible total number of bytes was received (8192)
    • measurement-lab.ndt.recommended
      • A subset view of all NDT upload and download tests from measurement-lab.ndt.web100 where:
        • TCP end state is sensible
        • Test duration was between 9 and 60 seconds
      • except:
        • Internal M-Lab end-to-end monitoring tests
        • Tests marked as blacklisted

Planned BigQuery Tables/Views (Post M-Lab 2.0 Global Pilot)

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