Tools to Use/Access M-Lab Data

This page describes software tools that can be used to run M-Lab tests and access M-Lab data.


Supported tools are those which have been developed and are maintained by the core M-Lab staff.

  • Telescope - Telescope is a Python framework designed to extract raw measurements from M-Lab to allow the easy production of research.
  • M-Lab Measure Chrome App - M-Lab Measure is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that lets users schedule NDT to run at regular intervals to track the performance of and Internet connection over time.


Community tools are developed by other organizations or individuals, but which leverage the M-Lab platform and data. If you are interested in listing your community tool here, please contact us.

  • Piecewise - Piecewise is a tool for digesting and aggregating user-volunteered Internet performance test results data from Measurement Lab, and visualizing aggregate data on the web.
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