M-Lab Dataset Schemas and Changelog

How Data is Collected

  • Each M-Lab test consists of a client and a server.
  • Whenever an M-Lab user starts a test, the client and server interact to measure different aspects of that user’s connection.
  • A single user request triggers one or more tests (e.g., client-to-server test, server-to-client test).
  • For each test, a server collects a log, and the test can be uniquely identified by its log filename.
  • Timestamp fields are stored in our schema in UTC
  • Time only fields are stored in milliseconds (ms)

M-Lab Hosted BigQuery Datasets, Tables, and Views

M-Lab publishes BigQuery tables and views for tests that have implemented a parser in our ETL pipeline. The following list provides links to schema pages for each test we publish to BigQuery. Additionally, M-Lab publishes some datasets for M-Lab “Core Services and Platform Data”, that provide information about the M-Lab platform infrastructure. Please visit the page for each dataset’s schema for more information.

Measurement Data (Active Tests)

Current M-Lab Core Services and Platform Data

Retired Core Services and Platform Data for Historical Analysis

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