Supporting or Contributing to M-Lab

M-Lab welcomes the participation of individuals and researchers, as well as companies, organizations, and other institutions, that would like to help expand the platform and ensure its growth and success.

Develop a Test

Researchers developing and maintaining open source network measurement tests may apply to host a new test on M-Lab. If your project fits within M-Lab’s guidelines and principles, we invite you to email us about M-Lab hosting.

Please review the documents below before applying:

Use an M-Lab Test in Your Website or Application

M-Lab’s open source tests can be added to your website, mobile application, or other software, providing a service to your users and allowing M-Lab to reach more people and generate more data. If you are considering building an M-Lab test into your website or application, you should be familiar with M-Lab’s Privacy and Acceptable Use policies.

You can find out more information:

Host or Sponsor an M-Lab Measurement Site

M-Lab supporting partners may contribute or donate resources to provide new measurement points around the world. M-Lab places servers in datacenters where last mile ISPs interconnect with transit to the Internet. At a minimum, sponsoring a measurement point requires a commitment to provide:

  • 5U rackspace and power
  • a /26 IPv4 block and /64 IPv6 block if available, both globally routed, and statically assigned to M-Lab equipment
  • a 1G dedicated, burstable to 10G uplink to a single transit provider
  • remote support in coordination with M-Lab for installation and periodic maintenance
  • three year commitment to sponsor costs of the above items

If you represent an organization interested in becoming an M-Lab supporting partner, please contact us.

Analyze and Visualize M-Lab Data

M-Lab welcomes researchers who want to dig into the M-Lab data, providing documentation and best-effort email support. If you are interested in working with M-Lab data in your research, please review our data documentation to help get you started, and contact us with any questions. We also suggest that you join our public mailing list for news and announcements.

If you have experience in web or application development, data analysis, or visualization, you may be interested in working with M-Lab’s tests, data, and analysis tools, all of which are open source and openly licensed.

M-Lab welcomes the direct financial contributions of organizations that find our work beneficial. If your organization is interested in supporting the M-Lab platform, please contact us, and a member of the M-Lab team will get back to you.

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