Measurement Lab is hiring for a Chrome Extension and backend development contract.

About Measurement Lab

M-Lab aims to advance Internet research by empowering consumers with useful information about their Internet performance. By providing free, open Internet measurement data, researchers, regulators, advocacy groups, and the general public can get a better sense of how the Internet is working for them, and how to maintain and improve it for the future.

Measurement Lab is a fiscally sponsored project of Code for Science & Society, a non-profit organization supporting open collaboration in public interest technology.

Contract Description

We are hiring a Chrome extension developer to update our Measure Chrome Extension app. The app’s current features include scheduling tests, user annotation of results, selection of M-Lab server, saving test results in an SQLite database in the user’s browser profile, and exporting results to a local CSV file.

The contract will include three phases. The first will include dependency and toolchain upgrades, updates to the test output, client and scheduling function. The second will include the development of a modular service that uploads test results to a remote database with configurable fields. The final phase will include testing and documentation.

Skills Required

  • Chrome extensions development:
    • HTML + CSS
    • Javascript + AngularJS
  • Test results uploader service:
    • Golang
    • PostgreSQL databases
    • Git / GitHub
    • Travis CI


The project is scoped to be completed for 8000 USD (80 hours of development at $100/hr). The contractor will be supported by the M-Lab team.


Please contact with your

  • Links to past work
  • Resume/CV
  • Availability (i.e. x amount of hours you can dedicate to the contract per week)
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