M-Lab's Internet Measurement Tools

M-Lab offers a number of measurement tools, allowing you to test for everything from network speed and latency to blocking and throttling. Explore these below, and run a test to learn more about your connection.

About the tools

The tools are divided into three categories:

  • Performance:measures the basic (and not so basic) performance characteristics of your network: speed, latency, jitter and much more.
  • Transparency:provides insight into network management practices such as application-specific blocking, throttling, traffic shaping, and other practices that determine your access to applications and content.
  • State:gives information on the state of the network and the host environments, such as whether IPv6 is enabled, traceroute data, and other information that provides context.

All tools perform only active measurements against the M-Lab platform. This means that what is measured is the way in which the network responded to a synthetic stream of data generated by the individual tool for the purpose of measurement. The tools do not collect information about your other Internet traffic, such as your emails, web searches, etc., or any personally identifiable information. For more information, see our privacy policy.

All data collected will be made publicly available, including IP address. 
All tools are open source and created by researchers.


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